ANGINAL® mouth spray with SAGE 30 ml, Dr. Müller Pharma


ANGINAL® mouth spray with SAGE


ANGINAL® mouth spray with sage, contains a natural substance sage (Salvia officinalis), which is the traditional remedy used for beneficial effect in specific aggravating situations, when an antiseptic effect is necessary.


ANGINAL® mouth spray with SAGE, 30 ml - dr Müller Pharma

Alcohol, Aqua, Salvia Officinalis Extract, Malva Sylvestris Extract, Origanum Majorana Extract, Calendula Officinallis Extract, Menthol, Salvia Officinalis Oil, Polysorbate 20, Potassium Acesulfame, Potassium Sorbate.

Method of administration

Put the applicator in your mouth and press several times to disperse the contents of the bottle. Rinse mouth with spray several times a day, without swallowing.
Anginal® spray can be used by adults and children older than 12 years.

Store condition

Store in a dry place at temperature from +5 °C to + 25 °C

Volume of package

30 ml e



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